We offer institutional-grade one-stop solutions for
tokenizing various asset classes, custodizing digital
assets, and liquifying beneficiary interest.

For commercial banks interested in providing suppliers with
supply chain financing technology

We understand the challenges banks typically face

Lack of effective channels to onboard large numbers of SME suppliers
Difficulty verifying the authenticity of Accounts Receivables (A/R), which requires complex data integrations
Costly due diligence for many suppliers
Lack of a secondary market

So we developed solutions specifically for banks

Certified high-quality A/R assets from suppliers with a transparent workflow
Multi-signature verification process in cooperation with anchors to verify assets' authenticity
Transparent and traceable transaction records on hyperledgers
Proprietary trading platform and smart contracts for better liquidity in a secondary market

Our products for banks

Our platform for listing A/R assets and providing credit checks
Our investment platform with a marketplace for digitized beneficiary interests
Supply Chain Financing
Our customized solution for making supply chain financing more efficient and secure

For brokerage firms that want to serve more investors with innovative finance technology

We understand the challenges brokerage firms typically face

Lack of a secondary market for traditional illiquid assets
Difficulty managing and trading security tokens
High cost for current IPO process

So we developed solutions specifically for brokerage firms

Diversified beneficiary certificate products
Digital assets custody and security tokens exchange system
Authorized security tokens offering (STO) technology

Our products for banks

Accounts Receivables Beneficiary Certificates
Security Token Management System
Security Tokens Offering (STO) Service