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Optimi is an investment platform offering investors
access to new digital asset markets for portfolio diversification.

We offer digital accounts receivable assets

Through our factoring solution, FactorQuick, and our regulated trust and custody services, we are creating new opportunities for investors seeking short-term investment products. Optimi gives investors unprecedented access to digital accounts receivable assets.

Why Invest with Optimi?

Fixed-Income Assets
Institutional-Grade Risk Control
Fiduciary Best Practices

Diversify your financial future

Optimize your portfolio and enjoy stable returns from a brand new asset class.
6-12 %
Historical annualized returns
Historical deal term

How it works?

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We’re launching in Q2 this year. Be among the first to invest in digital accounts receivable assets by joining our waiting list.
We’ll let you know as soon as the platform is ready.

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A trust beneficiary certification is a certificate representing the beneficiary rights issued by Optimi’s Hong Kong trust company to investors in order to raise funds.

Unlike traditional beneficiary certificates, our certificates are issued as ERC-20 tokens, thereby ensuring a physical asset representation that is secure, transparent, and immutable.

Through Optimi's Invest platform, we make asset transfers transparent. We also provide asset information inquiry rights, as well as an integrated hardware and software wallet solution to manage digital assets.
We create value through efficient asset management and our seamless cross-border supply chain finance process. By keeping our clients' assets in custody at an independent third party institution, we avoid asset theft or loss.
Optimi safeguards your assets with an independent third party custodian. The assets remain in your ownership and control, but are regulated by various agencies to ensure that proper safeguards and protections are maintained; this allows you to enjoy all the benefits of ownership while being protected from creditors, litigation, and estate disputes.